It is known that culinary tourism is linked to pleasure and satiety. Good food, nice trip, ...

But the cuisine of our region is one of the most significant cultural events, that is why a great magnet for tourism flows and is one of the axes of cultural tourism.

Kid Caramulo

Written by Confraria do Cabrito Published in Gastronomy
Kid Caramulo The tradition of flavor with a history The Brotherhood Gourmet Goat and Sierra Caramulo wants to not only meet a goal to defend, honor and value the dissemination of the Goat Mountain Caramulo Gastronomic heritage, but also help to safeguard the development and diffusion of the Serra do Caramulo and the County of Tondela in a scenario of tourism development. In this sense we strive for in the Caramulo mountains, our delicious kid is enjoyed not only ourselves…

The Consortium Region Caramulo

City of Tondela
Society Caramulo, SA
Hotel Caramulo
Solar de Vilar
Caramulo Museum
Hotel José Severino
Sportnatura Events
Quinta de Cabriz
Brotherhood of the Lamb and Sierra Caramulo
Tourism Center
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