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Participate in the Portal VisitCaramulo

The Gateway Region Caramulo is a tool to promote tourism and business in the region, developed by public and private entities, driven by the same passion and desire to grow the region.

Know the promoters of the Portal:

The Consortium Caramulo

For Your Business:

The Gateway Region Caramulo offers you the following advantages:

- Increased exposure of your brand and products or services;

- Integration with the Portuguese community on Facebook;

- International visibility for your business through search engines;

- System Room reservations online for hotels, tours and activities;

- System on-line booking of tickets for tours or events and especáculos;

In addition to being part of the Consortium of Caramulo Region, is now able to build integrated offerings with other members of the consortium, thus extending the scope of your business and reaching new customers with very little effort.

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The Consortium Region Caramulo
Hotel José Severino
Society Caramulo, SA
Quinta de Cabriz
Parish of guard
City of Tondela
Brotherhood of the Lamb and Sierra Caramulo
Hotel Caramulo
Caramulo Museum
Tourism Center
Sportnatura Events
Solar de Vilar