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As its name implies, combines the components Ecotourism ecological, environmental and tourism, and is associated with several declinations, such as "rural tourism", "adventure tourism" or "sports tourism".

Also known as alternative tourism, ecotourism or nature tourism, eco tourism aims to integrate the experience with the protection and conservation of natural resources and construction, economic enhancement and participation of local people, constituting a privileged means for local sustainability.

  Uma das poucas praias de altitude em Portugal. Localizada em plena Serra do Caramulo, esta praia goza da tranquilidade de um ambiente serrano, com uma natureza quase intacta e um imenso colorido de água e vegetação. A praia de S. João do Monte convida ao relaxamento perfeito.   Acessos GPS: 40º35’.47.03” N / 8º14’12.26” W EN230 (Serra do Caramulo) Concelho de Tondela   Mais informações Praia Acessível Parque de merendas, parque de estacionamento, instalações sanitárias, duches, bar de praia,…


Written by Sportnatura Eventos Published in Eco-Tourism
Creating Walks appears part of a project of broader scope, focused on the development of the rural county, the Rural Development Plan Caramulo, which has a partnership with ADERETON, ADIC, and City of DRAPC Tondela. Nature activities are increasingly in demand in Portugal, as well as hiking, which perfectly fits the profile of those seeking to know more you visit the region, including their culture and traditions. So, knowing that our county has the characteristics necessary for its practice, it…
Stop in time there is a Secret Mountain, the heart of Portugal. A mountain with the cleanest air in Europe, where the water is crystal clear and truly green vegetation. Where people are genuine and secular customs. Where the architecture is tasteful and well-tended gardens. Where floats on a sea of ​​clouds, sun bathed by a friend. Where we live well, without hurry or confusion. Caramulo, the Secret Mountain
The Sangemil River Beach is a good example of a sublime blend of a green and a blue transparent Dan River. It is a beach lost in the woods, with excellent bathing conditions, while providing a spa dedicated to musculoskeletal disorders, rheumatology and respiratory. Access to GPS: 40 ° 40'0 "North, 7 ° 42'0" West

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