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River Beach Sangemil

River Beach Sangemil River Beach Sangemil

The Sangemil River Beach is a good example of a sublime blend of a green and a blue transparent Dan River. It is a beach lost in the woods, with excellent bathing conditions, while providing a spa dedicated to musculoskeletal disorders, rheumatology and respiratory.

Access to GPS: 40 ° 40'0 "North, 7 ° 42'0" West

Câmara Municipal de Tondela

Câmara Municipal de Tondela

Browse the Municipality of Tondela, is truly from the discovery of history in its most beautiful aspects, art, landscapes and people, because in every place there are other brands worth being admired times: huge solar with its magnificent stone weapons, churches, chapels, bridges and water mills.
The architectural heritage of historic value in the city are referencing some housing a matter of record, both for its size and magnificence, as the history associated with them and their owners. Registration are also the pillories, representing landmarks of local history and tradition set in the Portuguese political charters.


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The Consortium Region Caramulo

Quinta de Cabriz
Solar de Vilar
Caramulo Museum
Hotel José Severino
Tourism Center
Hotel Caramulo
Society Caramulo, SA
Brotherhood of the Lamb and Sierra Caramulo
City of Tondela
Sportnatura Events
Parish of guard