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Clean Wheat - Theatre ACERT

'Clean Wheat Theatre Set
30 Years of Research, Production, Theatre and Animation

Since its formation in 1976, has been asserting itself as a repertory company committed to the discovery of correspondence between the different languages ​​of art and entertainment as a way to enhance a theatrical experimental intervention, consistent, creative and socially integrated in a cultural intervention Community.

From 1976 to 1979 covers temporary premises, coming to settle, while promoting organization of ACERT, in a confined space. Only in 1984, the adaptation of an old hospital, gains his first presentation space and basic infrastructure of production, starting to act more stability and exert a strong proactive role in the region, by creating networks of circulation shows, production and artistic training, and is considered one of the poles of the most significant independent decentralization in the center of the country.

In 1987, a result of the implementation and progress of his theater project, creates a more effective, without official support regular, can establish an artistic foundation that bears the cost of mounting a multidisciplinary activity in the area of ​​production support and training. The shows "Silk," adapted from the story by Ilse Losa, and "The Knights" of Aristophanes (1989/90) mark a significant shift in the consolidation project CLEAN theater's artistic WHEAT ACERT, as a company with more than 70 presentations / year throughout the country and participate in theater festivals abroad. Only in 1992 the theater WHEAT CLEAN ACERT receives the first special support of the Secretary of State for Culture, allowing you to expand your universe creation and artistic response. However, the season is the March 1993 stabilization of the project by regular support now being given to the Company. Since that year, the theater WHEAT CLEAN ACERT is debuting an average of three theatrical productions per season, promoting the practice of permanently differentiated dynamic theater in the region, country and abroad.

WHEAT CLEAN theater ACERT, in addition to the presentation of dramatic texts of the author, debuted more than a dozen theatrical texts themselves, focusing mostly on theater adaptation of texts by contemporary authors (Herman Hesse, Ilse Losa, Isabel Allende, José GomesFerreira, Lobo Antunes, Mia Couto, Fernando Santos, among others), as well as documents created specifically for the Company. Roaming takes one of the axes that characterize the dynamics of the Company representing more than 70% of total activity, allowing you to create new audiences, a proximity to the different cultural realities and set up mechanisms to decentralization. In addition to its performances, the theater ACERT Wheat Clean expands its exercise of broadcasting networks to promote circulation of shows from other national and international groups in other parts of the country where it operates.

In addition to participation in festivals abroad, promoting exchange projects have achieved particular notoriety in the international action Wheat Clean theater hit, highlighting the actions undertaken in Mozambique, Brazil and Galicia, where the Company has coordinated extensive programs in partnership with groups and artists from all over the world.

The theater training plays a continuous component of the work, being streamlined plans for training in different areas of the show taking place, sometimes within the Company's own, sometimes with other organizations that request them.

The International Festival (Fint), sponsored annually by the Company, has been deployed by the attention that is given to the different approaches to theatrical performance, the multiplicity of national and international releases and, crucially, the identity that provides the public with experimental experiences participation and enjoyment. In addition to the Fint, the Company promotes FINTINHA - Festival of Theatre for Children, in addition to a diverse set of creative drama activities in conjunction with public and private organizations involved in education and regional development (street animation and no spaces conventional exhibitions, conferences, theatrical animated themes, issues ...). Street theater takes an experimental field that has been given decisive importance, assuming the productions made investments that characterize the creative activity of the Company (Faldum, AuGaciar Judas, stage machine "Memories," created for the Expo 2000 Hannover 98 and, Being Pro - Coimbra). This component of theater performance has also favored the formation of technical experts in the areas of production, sound, lighting, pyrotechnics, set design - assembly of machines and structures theatrical scene.

The unique attributes of space (New Cycle ACERT), where the wheat CLEAN develops its action, offers optimal conditions for further action by the Company as it has three auditoriums (116, 276 and 470 seats); gallery exhibitions, restaurant, technical workshops, cultural shop, recording studio audio and video training rooms and production rooms and service. By offering a regular cultural programming in the various areas of the show, represents a strong cultural center of fixing the public and an important network traffic performances of other groups and national and international designers. While Cultural Resources Center, the space gets companies and products that it can be installed on pre-production. The dynamics of this space regularly, resulting from a careful and reflective practice, require the establishment of a technical team and the permanent production and work that leverages the development of creative new steps to the Company. The whole dynamic is based on a generator artistic investment practices that allow one hand to safeguard the roaming performance of a project, and the other in a close conjunction of synergies that foster the development of new operating a motor response of the New Cycle ACERT and thus creating the public and exercise of citizenship appropriate link between artistic practice and the community.



Cultural and Recreational Association of Tondela

Formed in 1979, it soon became ACERT carries a sense of multidisciplinary performance in terms of artistic areas, basing its creative aspect in the nucleus that gave rise to: CLEAN WHEAT ACERT theater.

This singularity (a theater group in the genesis of an association), characterizes the dynamics of ACERT, decisively influencing its development: growth of a boundary project, in terms of promoting shows, artistic training and production, supported by a team that the professional theater, ensuring its operation in terms of a continuous project management program permanent.

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