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Society Caramulo, SA

The Society Caramulo is responsible for the development that generated the Caramulo as it is known today.

Founded in 1920 by Jerónimo de Lacerda along with other dignitaries, Caramulo Society was founded with the purpose of building a large hotel for convalescents, that this hotel would open in 1922.

Later, the Caramulo is to become a cutting-edge resort sanatorium. All this under the management of the Company Caramulo, which year after year, he was creating the infrastructure necessary for this platform has never stopped evolving.

Today, more than 80 years on from its foundation, the Society of Caramulo remains attentive to the future, building, developing and innovating in all your endeavors.

The Caramulo

Located in central Portugal, Caramulo is in a superb location, being within walking distance of large or medium cities like Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra and Salamanca.

Part of a large green space and natural, the village of Caramulo has great balance and urban aesthetic, with large gardens and parks along the avenues. All this coupled with its air, water and cultural venues as the Museum Caramulo causes Caramulo is increasingly a tourist haven for domestic and foreign.

The Caramulo also houses other large projects in the areas of tourism and the economy as the Hotel and Caramulo Nutroton SGPS.

The Heritage

The Society has a rich heritage Caramulo, acquired over more than 80 years of operations and development.

The company now has springs, pipes and water pipes that supply the surrounding areas, buildings and homes, hospices, and a large area of ​​land for construction.

All this is housed in a heritage project for the future in order to serve the welfare of the people as well as modernize and create value for the region and Portugal.

The Future

The Society was created in Caramulo idea of ​​the future, keeping up to now have that same vision and energy of your engine.

By joining its resources to its privileged heritage, the company is developing several major projects, both in the hospitality and health.

In addition, the Company is still Caramulo to promote a series of new projects in other areas, always with a view to complementing the existing needs in the region.


Society of SA Caramulo

Jerome Avenue de Lacerda
House of Bows
3475-031 Caramulo

Tel: +351 232 868 232 / 3
Fax: +351232861308

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Museu do Caramulo

Museu do Caramulo

A unique museum and unique

Two brothers, Abel and João de Lacerda, founded in the fifties, an unusual museum, a small village called Caramulo, situated on a mountain in central Portugal, with lush vegetation, facing south, a valley about 80 km long: the most vast panorama of the country.

Abel de Lacerda, passionate for art, build a building with the most modern concepts in museology, to expose an unusual collection of works of art made up of 500 pieces of painting, sculpture, furniture, ceramics and tapestries, ranging from Roman times up Picasso.

João de Lacerda, in love with cars, build another building attached to the first, designed to expose 100 cars and motorcycles, within the principle that all cars could be easily removed, for display and conservation.

Latest from Museu do Caramulo

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